Reasons Why Online Games Have Become So Popular

We all know someone who plays games online; games like multiplayer RPG such as World of Warcraft, sandbox games such as Roblox and Minecraft servers, or even online gambling. So, what is it about playing games online that gets so many people hooked? Read on to find to a few of the reasons why this form of game play is so compelling.

Game Play

The only reason a game becomes successful is because it has a high level of playability. This mean that the game is not only easy to understand and play, but that the graphics are engaging enough to keep you interested. No matter how good the game is, if it isn’t easy to play and the graphics don’t catch the attention of the user, then it is doomed.


One of the huge benefits of online games is that updates to the games such as additional features, characters and objectives can easily be added in. This gives developers more freedom, and means that you get to play the latest update as soon as it has been released. Unlike console games and those that require a disc to play them, this platform gives instant access to the latest game play features, which is always a bonus.


This is an obvious one. With the wealth of places you can go to play games online you will never be bored. There is something for everyone out there; all you need to do it is Google it.


We all like something for free, and this is another benefit of online gaming. There are literally thousands of games out there waiting to be played that will cost you absolutely nothing. Of course, there are plenty of paid for games as well, and these will vary in price.


It’s all well and good knowing you can ace that level or get the most kills against the machine, but it’s another matter when you’re facing real people. This is a true test to your skills and can make the game you are playing that much more competitive and engaging. There is a flip side to this, as some games make it possible for you to work in a team, which can be just as rewarding.

Building your own Games

This is another area entirely. Places such as Roblox, Minecraft servers, Happy Wheels and Steam will allow you to make your own games and add them to their library. This is a unique feature that is exclusive to online gaming and it lets you design, build and share your game for others to enjoy. This can be particularly rewarding if you see your game doing well.


Lastly, one of the features of online gaming that really does boost its appeal is the ability for people all over the world to play together, and in some cases, share chat boxes to create new friendships and connect with people they would otherwise never have known.

So, there you have it, broken down into 7 simple areas, and when you think about it, what’s not to like about online gaming?