The popularity of eSports

Electronic sports, or eSports as they are more commonly known are sports or competitions that place using video games. This usually is in the form of video games and a number of players who will compete with each other through computers and a network. These types of competitions are organised and can host multiple players of all different levels though it is usually for professional players only. Most commonly associated with eSports are first person shooter games and multiplayer battle games such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Call of Duty.

The growing popularity of eSports

In the not so distant past, computer gaming was seen as performed by the nerd in a dark room but now times have changed. eSports have become hugely popular and in some places are more watched than real life sporting activities. Spectators have a large part to play in eSports rise. Now with faster Internet capabilities, these tournaments can be streamed live around the world allowing thousands of people to be a part of the game. No longer relegated to a basement, these players are now displayed in the open; some worshipped as much as any modern day football star. Each year the numbers of spectators are soaring and thus so rises the money, making eSports a rapidly growing business. In conjunction with this, there are also rises in bets placed on eSports tournaments therefore bringing in yet more business to the field.

Players are stars

From zero to hero, game players are now seen as sportsmen. Travelling the world in their teams, they feature prominently on social media garnering fans as they go. Their lifestyle is almost as glamorous as a superstar – a new day, a new country. Winners earn huge sums at tournaments but this can lead to problems as players are never in one country long enough to pay tax. So what is a tax nomad to do? For most, the base of the team is in one country and all earnings are processed there, but it is something to bear in mind for budding pro gamers.

Its instant accessibility, social media access and popular games, eSports is on the rise and may soon even be part of the Olympics.